“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”– Maya Angelou

I have a friend, well she has worked for me at The Corner Store Buller, Forrest and as a MTBSkills instructor in Qld.  
Thats sort of how she became a friend.

Her name is Brodie Chapman, she is 24 years old, a go getter with the worldly experience closer in line with a 34 year old.  Her life values are solid and once you know Brodie, she is 100% heart on her sleeve, like it or lump it.

Meet Brodie the 8 year old BMX racer.

Brodie was 4&1/2 years old when she was watching the Olympics and saw Caroline Buchanan racing BMX.  
Instantly she told her dad she wanted to ride a BMX and they went to the old Belmont BMX track one wet winters day during the July school holidays and rode and rode and rode.  

When I met Carol a couple of years ago, it was at a Liv women’s social ride along Beach Rd in Melbourne.  I knew from social media that she was a WORLD Champion cyclist and I was intrigued to get to know her as a person before I even focused her gold medals and rainbow stripes. 

When I am not riding my bike, life loses purpose, I lose my lust for life.  
So long as I am pushing my pedals, with my heart beating & warming up my body, the creativity and answers present themselves to me…its where all my great ideas come and its where I find renewal and can rise above the daily fog that often surrounds me.

Growing up we always had a mixture of bikes around the house. My dad would pick up old bikes people thought were trash and get them running for us to hoon around the back yard in. Bmx's, flat bar road bikes, steel road bikes, you name it, anything with two wheels.

The stories we love to share with you on Ride Like a Girl are about females that have found something in bike riding. Sometimes its confidence, or soul searching, or maybe its a social network and a purpose to doing something on the weekend.
Whatever the reason might be, we hope you realise that ‘if she can do it, I can do it.”