The stories we love to share with you on Ride Like a Girl are about females that have found something in bike riding. Sometimes its confidence, or soul searching, or maybe its a social network and a purpose to doing something on the weekend.
Whatever the reason might be, we hope you realise that ‘if she can do it, I can do it.”

On the weekend I rode my mountain bike, in fact I raced it in a team with Lauren Fox.
I met Lozza at a Liv women’s social ride at Lysterfield a few months back and since then catch up regularly at these rides and on good old Facebook and Instagram.

Lauren’s parents are amazing, driving her to hook up with us on these social rides or races, but I think her dad doesn’t mind so much as he loves a good mountain bike ride himself. 

We invite you to know meet Lozza.

My name is Lauren Fox.

I am 18 years old and I started riding a bike when I was about six years old. I am lucky that my dad introduced me to the sport; he was riding mountain bikes around Erica and took me out on the single tracks and I loved it.


I still have some fears on the bike riding around Erica, it’s very wet and lots of tree roots, clay and mud. To work on this my dad has taken me to Blores Hill where I have to learn to pick my lines and concentrate on the track, make a good pace and rhythm to get me going in the rocky rough patches.

In more recent times as I have started to enter races, my favorite would have to be the Otway Odyssey at Forrest because I love how the Red carpet section has lots of roots and how the berms are designed, plus the single tracks in Forrest are awesome and very similar to Erica.

The races and results I am most proud of are my 3rd place in  the open women’s  at Mount Baw Baw 3hr twilight Enduro 2014, the track there was not easy and in fact this race was the toughest I have done compared to others I have been in due to the altitude and the ascent. Others will include my 3rd at Mt Stromlo, Canberra 50km 2015 and 2nd in the Wombat, Woodend 50km 2015.

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I have been working on a future that keeps me outdoors and doing what I love and it would be my dream to work in Outdoor Education, and continue to improve my riding skills.

I also would like to compete in the 2017 Deaflympics in Turkey.

A dream of mine would be to ride my bike every day and travel around the world throughout different countries.

I was born 14 weeks early and even though I had a tough start I have great parents that have been there for me and give me so much support to achieve anything I can dream of.

My dad has been a huge influence on me because he was the one who got me started and has taught me the techniques on the bike.

My mum has supported me by driving me to all the race destinations and waiting patiently for me during the practice rides or races.

 Just because I am deaf doesn't change who I am and thankfully so far in my life the experience of negativity or prejudices towards my deafness has been practically non-existent. In my mountain bike club (Gippsland MTB) members just take me for who I am.

The only time it bothers me is when people say ‘track!’ out of the blue and I get a fright, sometimes crashing or getting the speed wobbles.

My nan nan used to say ‘There is nothing you can’t do’

My advice to any young girl who wants to do amazing things that seems out of reach would be: 

  • Set your mind on to your goals and don’t let the negativities get in your way.

There are always going to be rough patches happening such as getting knocked back by people, so don’t let them control your life, you have to have a good perception on what your goals are.


Three things about me!

  • My favorite ice cream flavor would be cookies and cream and peppermint.
  • My favorite post ride food would be baked potatoes and steak.
  • My pet is a cat and his name is Trevor Fox, he loves adventure in the outdoor just like me.