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Its July in Victoria and we have just experienced some of our wettest weather in 25 years.

Winter at anything below 1000mts below sea level is anything from 0 degrees celcius to 15 on any given day. Above 1000mts and you can get sleet and snow and temps below 0 and up to 10. The sun may shine, the wind may blow but rain hail or shine, winter in Victoria is a cycling wardrobe nightmare.

  • Should I take my wind vest? Probably.
  • Should I wear my thermals? Yep, good idea.
  • Should I wear arm warmers/leg warmers? That depends on the chill factor really.
  • What about a head scarf, bandana? May as well!
  • What about a rain jacket? If rain is forecast, yes, if rain is not forecast put it in your pocket anyway.
  • ….and the questions go on.

I always live by this rule, if I can keep my feet and chest dry and warm I am a much happier cyclist.

With this in mind, it was due time I invested in a new pair of winter booties. You can go with some aero style ITT fancy $80 lycra overshoes which do nothing in winter. What about windproof with a fluffy inner? They do ok in light rain but once though a few puddles or a downpour they tend to no longer be water proof.

I have a pair of Louis Garneau waterproof ones, but they are plain boring black and have a habit of not actually keeping my feet totally toasty and warm despite the said qualities. I had a squizz around, hoping to find a supplier that I could contact and get a sample of two in and perhaps on sell. I might still find success here, but in the meantime I landed on these puppies.

Why Rapha neoprene Pink bootie covers?

  • They are hot!
  • You can be seen!
  • You can't help but look down at your feet and say, “gee I look hot”, and if you look hot you feel hot
  • right?

But in all seriousness, I thought why not, they were not stupidly ‘Rapha’ed” up price wise and they promised that I would be able to sustain some harsh winter weather and stay dry and warm. If you have ever worn a wetsuit you know that you get a thermal effect going on, even in cold water temps.

I am a mountain biker and road rider so have both shoes and cleats.

These overshoes have been designed to fit the roadie cleat, but I dont like unclipping and walking so did not experience any wear and tear on the areas of contact that would be incurred should you walk wearing mtb shoes.

Rapha disclosure: Please note: Rapha Overshoes have been specifically designed to be worn with road shoe cleat systems. Wearing them with MTB shoes, including the Rapha Cross Shoes, is likely to damage the Overshoes beyond repair.

On the day of first wear, it was cold wet and a lot of snow was dumped on the mountains, but at sea level at the back of Torquay and Anglesea we just experience rain and mud.

Feet were awesome and the booties washed up perfect after being muddied up.

Cost of booties was $90 AUD