IMG 1275Recently Ride Like a Girl did an interview with Carol Cooke prior to her heading off to win a few medals on an overseas World Cup campaign.

It was at this point when I was looking at her website and ensuring I had some finer details correct that I indulged and bought her book, which I might add, had been wanting to read since she finished it.

The day it arrived, I started reading.

I love to read right before I fall asleep. Its a way of confirming to myself that I had a good day, now I can rest and indulge in a good book.  I always like to choose books about people that are inspiring and have done great things in their lives despite the obstacles that have been in their way.

A fiction novel has not been read by me in perhaps a good 10 years.  

There is so much energy and experience to be gained by reading about other people and how they persevered and prospered.

To summarise, Carol has always been driven to achieve from a very young age and had a great support in her family.  A varied dabble in many sports and a career in the police force in Canada set her up well into her 20’s and early 30’s.  Until she met her husband to be whilst travelling in Australia.  
This is where Carol’s story gets interesting, no longer in the comfort of her homeland, the commitment to her husband Russ and the move to Australia meant she willingly gave up everything she knew.

Little did Carol know, that the grandest catalyst of change was yet to come with her shock diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2012.

But as Carol summarises at the end of this book, she would not change what has happened to her, for now in 2015 and beyond she is the best version of Carol Cooke she could ever have imagined.  The blessings, the opportunities, the many chances that presented themselves to create positive change.  Not just for Carol personally with medals and rainbow jerseys, but to pay it forward, to give others strength through her adversity.

IMG 1276

There really is no end to Carol’s success, for she will evolve again and again, as much is needed to continue to deliver her worth in this world.

The book has been written in such a way that you listen and learn consecutively, as someone like Carol has many lessons she has learnt, and now shares it with you at a time in her life where it was important she implement it as well.   It all makes perfect sense and as you soon find out, there are no secrets, other than knowing where you want to head, who you want that person to be, to prepare, to believe it is possible, to celebrate successes, to surround yourself with support, to give back, to love and be loved, and to value each and every day you are given on this earth.

Carol, I did love your book and 1 week later I am handing it on to someone who I know will love reading it too.

If you are looking for inspiration…or just love reading about great women who make things happen, do invest in this book!