Megalicious salad

Just the other day I made one of my mega salads and tweaked it a little to reflect the warmer weather we were having.

In winter, all I feel like is hearty carbs and warm food and only a little of the raw coolness of a proper salad.

Here in Ride Like a Girl land in Geelong Victoria (Australia for you o/s peeps), its well and truly Spring, and the magpies are swooping, sun is shining and eating fresh food is more enticing.

Most days I train at least once in the morning, sometimes twice and by lunch time I am starving and could really ruin myself with bad choices.

Lucky for me I work at home and have the delight of whipping up whatever I want…but if you were to eat this at work, and pre prepare this,  you could just keep the roast veggies in a separate container to heat up prior to mixing salad and keep the seed mix also in a small condiment container for adding last.  Of course you can really add anything you like to this salad, though the magic ingredient to make it amazing is definitely the toasted protein seed mix.

Here is my version...

Megalicious Salad

Vegan - Dairy Free - Gluten Free
Serves 3 very large meals or 4-6 side serves.

all ingredients


Roast Vegetable mix:

  • 1 lg Zucchini

  • 1 medium Sweet Potato

  • 3-4 lg Portabello mushrooms

  • 1 tbsp of DF Basil Pesto

zucchini mushroom sweetpotato


  • 1/2 avocado

  • 2-3 spring onions

  • 1 small cucumber

  • 1/2 red capsicum

  • 1 small hard pear (or apple)

  • 1 lg carrot

  • handful of pre made coleslaw salad mix

  • 2 lg handfuls of rocket

  • 2 lg handfuls of baby spinach

  • 5-6 pre prepared cooked baby beetroots

  • handful of olives

  • tin of chickpeas

  • small tin of corn kernels

  • 1/2 lemon

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Seed Protein Mix Salad Topper

  • 1 scoop of Vitality Nutrition Vegan Coconut Protein Powder

  • 1 tbsp of walnuts

  • 1 tbsp of pine nuts

  • 1 tbsp coconut

  • 1 tbsp seed mix

Plus- Salad dressing of your choice & Olive Oil Spray.


You will need:

  • Large Salad bowl

  • mixing bowl

  • tablespoon

  • frypan and wooden spoon

  • baking tray and baking paper

  • peeler

  • chefs knife

  • chopping board

  • strainer

  • salad servers

  • cranking oven

Get started!

1. Get oven cranking at hot hot hot, mine is at 250 degrees celcius on the fan forced setting.

pesto mix2. Chop up your roast veggies evenly sized and pop in bowl with pesto, mix and place on baking tray with baking paper.
roast vegies
3. Use a light spray of Olive Oil over the top and set for 25mins.  Once this is in and cooking you can prepare the salad and smell the goodness of baked veg and pesto!


Salad prep.

4.Place all the leafy salad ingredients in large bowl.
salad ingredients

5. Finely shave carrot and pear with peeler, chop caps, cucumber, avocado and spring onions and add to salad.
salad ingredients cut6. Chop up the olives baby beetroot and add to top of salad (do not mix yet)
olives beetroot7. Drain corn and add to salad.
salad and corn
8. Drain and rinse Chick peas (keep these draining whilst you prepare salad topper mix)

Salad Topper mix.

9.Place all your dry coconut, seeds, nuts and powders into fry pan with a bit of spray olive oil on a medium heat.
10. Use wooden spoon to keep moving ingredients around until brown and smelling divine (not burnt) - put aside in small bowl.

The final touches.

stovetop11. Keep heat on frypan, add a bit more olive oil spray, add drained chickpeas, with lemon juice.  Lightly cook.lemon chickpeas12. Toss salad and its time to plate up.

toss13. Salad first... Chickpeas second.... Roast Vegetables third.... Salad dressing fourthseeds salad

And finally top with a healthy serve of salad topper.

….you will not be hungry for hours, I promise.