“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”– Ayn Rand

There has been a stop on my share of recipes of late, why?

I spent 2 months overseas, being fed in places such as Corsica, Italy and France.

Winter is not over yet and the team at Ride Like A Girl have been feeling a bit low on energy and honestly quite chilled to the bone.

There is nothing more comforting than having a slow cooked meal permeate your living space with smells so divine as this soup recipe I have prepared today.

Thank goodness we get to taste test all our yummy ideas right here as we make them.

Seriously though, slow cooked comfort food is so good for the body and the soul.

We have not entered salad season yet, thank goodness for that.

I trained hard this morning, 2 rides.

Ride number one started out a casual easy recovery ride, until I went too far in one direction, ran out of time and had to smash myself to get back for 9:30am ergo class in Geelong. 
Suffice to say I got to ergo a tad late, only a few minutes and the bonus was I was already warm and good to go!
Todays ergo saw Donna lash her whip on her return from a 6 week overseas jaunt with the Australian womens road team.  

Most days I do crave a sweet afternoon treat and I do love chocolate. I am also aware that if one must indulge then one must also look at getting some nutritional benefits at the same time as the emotional ones.

Taste is paramount, and texture.

There is nothing worse than gritty grainy protein shakes or balls and I do find the taste of cacao very overpowering, so tend to avoid using it altogether.  I would rather just eat real chocolate and be done with it!

Just the other day I made one of my mega salads and tweaked it a little to reflect the warmer weather we were having.

In winter, all I feel like is hearty carbs and warm food and only a little of the raw coolness of a proper salad.

Here in Ride Like a Girl land in Geelong Victoria (Australia for you o/s peeps), its well and truly Spring, and the magpies are swooping, sun is shining and eating fresh food is more enticing.

Most days I am lucky to work from home and decide what I want for breakfast lunch and dinner at a moments notice.

Since returning home from Italy 5 weeks ago I was re invigorated to cook healthy meals based around vegetables. Being Vegan was a challenge overseas with

Italian restaurants being a little taken aback at the idea of no meat or cheese. Suffice to say, the menu got a bit boring after a while.