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Ride Like A Girl Mountain Biking Weekend at Forrest: Saturday 12th & 13th September 2015

Its Monday morning, the day after a huge and fun weekend with a bunch of girls on bikes.
I am delightfully exhausted…but why ‘Ride Like A Girl” , why weekends like these?

  • To ride bikes in a beautiful location.
  • To inspire each other to do our best.
  • To have the most amount of fun possible on a bike.
  • To learn a few things to improve our riding skills.
  • To make new friends.
  • To eat good food.
  • To create new memories.

…and all this because we love to ride our bikes!

A huge thank you to our Ride Like A Girl sign ups.  Forrest certainly turned on some magic weather and fantastic trail conditions.

day1 carparkSaturday morning started with session registration at The Corner Store Forrest, goodie bags handed out and coffees consumed. 
The morning chill soon left with short sleeves being worn all weekend long. 
The group started together enjoying some fun skills at the Southern Trail head carpark and then onto 2 groups, we focused on flow and a few log features.  Success for all!

Our morning ride finished off with a scoot over to the West Barwon dam and onto the bottom section of Red Carpet.  Between Kylie, Bec and myself split between the group we arrived at lunch happy and intact with a bit more flow happening under our wheels. 

After lunch it was onto the Yaugher trail head to enjoy trails such as Marriner's Run, J2 and Vista with some skills, ride time and lots of chatter.


The little drop into the gully was a challenge for some, with many overcoming the initial visual fear factor and using technique and ‘intent’ to succeed.  Of course we did it a couple of times, repeating the inner sanctum loop of Marriner's.  J2 was a chance to nail logs, get technique sorted and again riding with purpose and engaging the mind in the process.

A return trip back to Forrest via Vista in the glorious afternoon sun was magic.  This area of the trail network had been burnt back in October 2014 and a year later is just so green and lush with new growth everywhere.

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All riders returned back to their accommodation for a shower, a rest, a beer even, before rocking up for dinner at the Forrest Brewery.  A night of non stop talking and sharing stories. A great way to finish off day 1.

rlag tees

Day 2 brought about even nicer weather, an earlier start to fit in some more fun riding and a few skills along the way.  Our warm up ride consisted of an easy but beautiful trail No. 1 down to the creek and a very chatty climb up Kaanglang Rd to descend Red Capet.  One group split off early to do only 2/3 of The Red Carpet and the rest of us went all the way to the top.

jen sallyThe techniques taught yesterday were used on this awesome track.  Stoked to see the girls doing everything because they believed they could.

A very special trail in my heart is now a favourite with the girls!

Time for morning tea at The Corner Store before heading off for the weekend final session, back at Yaugher trail head.

For the afternoon session, we stayed together and set off on a fun loop to get our flow back.

Then off to Grass trees track which is so much fun, logs, jumps, berms, and just a generally sweet trail.  On our first lap of the trail we were lucky enough to see a koala with her baby on the back, at eye level only meters away.  Totally adorable and a bit of a parting gift to seal off a good weekend riding.  The final piece of riding was revisiting Marriner's Run for a bit of roller coaster gully action.

Our ride back to Forrest filled with conversation felt like none of us were keen for the day to end.

I know Bec Kylie and I had a brilliant time, and it seems like the rest of you might be back very soon!

forrest rlag
Thanks girls for a memorable weekend, and we too made some new friends and we look forward to seeing you on the trails again very soon!

Will we be doing this again I hear you say?
Yes, there will be more Ride Like A Girl weekends, courses and opportunities to ride you bike, we just need to work out where and when!

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